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Miguel Duhamel Honda AMA 2008 Motorbike Leathers | Suit

These Honda Motorbike leathers were worn by the renowned rider Miguel Duhamel in 2008 at AMA championship. Made of shiny material to present extra picturesque appearances with reliable safety and comfort features.

Helmut Bradl HB Honda GP 1989 Motorbike Leathers | Suit

A spectacular and eye-catching Motorbike leathers designed considering special measures for a glorious run. The celebrated Helmut Badl experienced these leathers for HB Honda in GP 1989. Order these reasonably priced leathers right now.

Wes Cooley Honda AMA Motorbike Leathers | Suit

An exquisite and beautiful Honda Motorbike apparel prepared under special circumstances for the best and comfortable experience. Wes Cooley wore these leathers when he takes part in AMA championship for Honda team.

Loris Capirossi Honda GP 2001 Motorbike Leathers | Suit

This Honda clothing is made regarding the high-level quality, reliability and durability measures to ensure that the consumer gets a prolonged safety, and comfort. Loris Capirossi wore these Motorbike leathers while racing for Honda GP in 2001. Order anytime.

Freddie Spencer Honda Motorbike AMA 1991 Leathers | Suit

Freddie Spencer wore these Honda Motorbike leathers while racing in AMA championship for the year 1991. Having complete safety features and absolute comfortable design.