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Freddie Spencer Honda GP 1983 Leather Suit | Suit

A leather suit with extra safety measures to make you feel like an immortal and double-checked comfort features to keep your ride soothing. Freddie Spencer wore this Honda suit in 1983. Available for reasonable money with made to measure custom fittings.

Freddie Spencer Nankai Honda GP 1987 Leathers | Suit

Made considering the quality, reliability and durability measures to ensure that the rider gets a long-term safety experience. Freddie Spencer wore these Nankai Honda leathers while racing in GP for the year 1987. Order these right now.

Freddie Spencer Honda Daytona 1985 Leather Jacket | Jacket

Freddie Spencer Honda Daytona 1985 Leather Jacket. Newly designed with enhanced safety and flexibility features. With a great resistance to abrasions, cuts and temperature intensities. Available in all sizes as well as full customization option.