A high profile and perfect matching pair of gloves Valentino Rossi can be matched with Valentino Rossi (Spain) 2005 suit.

Gloves Valentino Rossi Yamaha MotoGP (Spain) 2005 Gloves Valentino Rossi features full-grain leather construction for abrasion and tear resistance. Leather reinforcement between left glove thumb and pointer finger. Rubber protection. Rubber protector with air intakes and exhaust port for cooling performance. Gloves Valentino Rossi palm, thumb and finger TPU sliders are mounted on poly-foam and strategically positioned for superior impact and abrasion resistance. Valentino Rossi Apparel have pre-curved palm and fingers for form-fitting comfort. Integrated flexible protective knuckles offer discreet protection. Velcro strap wrist closures, prevents undesired removal in case of fall. Velcro cuff wrist closure. Valentino Rossi Apparel are safety stitched with high strength nylon thread.

Gloves Valentino Rossi